Giggling Buddha balance Retreat, 13-17th April 2018, IBIZA
















We're delighted to announce our 2018 April retreat with "Divine Ibiza" Wellness on the beautiful, magical island of Ibiza.  Here at Gigglewater, we're big believers in living a life of balance and so our retreat themes revolve around restorative health - Living a Life of Pure Balance and being biophysically efficient. So, we invite you to join us for an extraordinary adventure of wellness, nutrition, cooking lessons with the amazing owner of Nama - London's best Vegan restaurant, hikes to exotic remote secret places, sailing around Ibiza & Formentera. We will also be visiting a biodynamic vineyard on the island of Formentera to understand how living wine is the best wine for you, and then enjoy the treats of sunset drumming, conscious dance, unique therapies, Kundalini and Yin Yoga.  In addition, mind-body-spirit-soul healing workshops, a Quantum Thinking workshop - how our thoughts affect our holistic lives, transformative guided meditations and more.  We also have a fabulous online platform that keeps you in touch with us and everyone on your retreat to always reach out, ask us questions and more...


Body Mind Soul

Surrounded by the beautiful island 'Campo', the healing Pine Trees, the glorious white noise of the Cicadas and the multi-coloured turqouises of the ocean surrounding Ibiza and Formentera, our team of wellness/yoga/nutrition/mind-body healing and holistic lifestyle experts will help you discover health & happiness through fitness, nutrition, consciousness, wellbeing and discovering your potential in a judgment-free environment.
















​Join us at a beautiful Ibiza villa, where your stay includes nutrient-rich, healthy meals designed by the leading French chef, Ferial Kecha, who cooks for leading personalities around the world as well as the famous Pikes Hotel - the Alice in Wonderland hotel home to Freddie Mercury, made famous by Tropicana by Wham etc. plus registered/certified trainers/Yoga teachers, life coaches and wellness experts to help you experience a long weekend that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, enriched mentally, physically and spiritually and with a new conscious view on life, living, work-life balance and eating.  In addition you will receive a fabulous cooking workshop and amazing treats and talks by the beautiful Irene Arango who founded one of London's best Vegan restaurants, NAMA.


Retreat Itinerary​​

Day 1

  • Yin Yang Flow Yoga by Egon Castlunger
    • Based in Zürich, Switzerland & Brazil, Egon is a Zen Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga teacher and Musician. Through his Yogic path, his studies in Naturopathy and Chinese medicine, he developed his own style of Yoga, combining the different techniques of Yin and Yang Yoga with Pranayama (breath) and Meditation. In the last years Egon’s journey has led him to explore the sacred medicines of the amazons, working with different medicine men in Europe and South America.
  • Fresh Organic/Biodynamic Breakfast and fresh cold press juices & teas.
  • Hike to the mystical 'Es Vedra for a Guided Meditation and Intention Setting with Egon and Catherine
  • Nutritious"Treats" on the Cliffs
  • Gut Health talk & the power of juicing & fasting + Cooking Class  by Irene Arango + free recipe books to take home/download
    • ​Irene’s interest in vegan & raw food began through her search for better health and more energy. This new lifestyle worked a treat, and she’s been fascinated by it ever since!  Since then, Irene has dedicated her life to helping others find that perfect balance of good health and high energy levels – whether they wholly embrace raw food, veganism or simply add a little to their existing diet.
      Irene’s aim is to bring raw & vegan food, and all of its benefits, into the mainstream, showing just how exciting these dishes can be when using your creativity and imagination.  Opening NAMA with fellow raw food chef, Rich Havardi, in 2012, has allowed her to, happily, pursue this aim – bringing the wonders of raw food to a wider audience.  Prior to this, she had already started two other raw food ventures offering juice cleanse programmes and sweet treats which are now part of NAMA. When she is not at the restaurant, Irene remains dedicated to the raw food lifestyle, spending her days working in her kitchen creating artisanal crafted cultured nut cheeses, developing all sorts of exciting new recipes for her multiple business, working on her blog and oh, and taking care of NAMA’s paperwork (ho-hum).  Irene also runs raw food workshops and culinary events, to encourage and inspire more people to embrace the raw lifestyle.  In essence, she is a non-stop, raw food dynamo!  Irene believes that a diet high in raw foods and mostly vegan is not only a way to become healthier, but that creating vegan and raw food dishes allows you to use your imagination and nurture your spirit.
  • Afternoon "Me-Time"
  • Bhakti Yoga + mantras with Egon Castlunger & Cheryl Gissing
  • Delicious evening meal.
  • Documentary/free time















Day 2

  • Sunrise Anusara and Vinyasa Flow yoga by Catherine Monahan 
  • Meditation, Intention Setting  + Sound Healing  with Egon Castlunger & Catherine Monahan
  • Fresh Organic/Biodynamic Breakfast and fresh cold press juices & teas.
  • Hike and swim at "Atlantis" - one of the most mystical, beautiful, unique, secret places on the island of Ibiza
  • Late Morning "Treats"!
  • Lunch in the north of the island in a Secret location on the ocean 
  • Guest speaker Pawel Wiacek - leading Cranio-Sacral therapist and teacher of TRE therapy at the well-respected Triyoga clinics in London  - stress release from the body via movement with Pawel and how the power of our thoughts affects our biochemistry/biology and emotions.
  • Early evening exploring Ibiza Old Town (option to eat in old town or return 'home')
  • Relaxing sound healing with Egon / Therapeutic Healing and Balancing Massage with Cheryl Gissing















Day 3

  • Inspiring & uplifting sunrise walk in nature + yoga with Egon and short meditation
  • Organic biodynamic herbal teas from the island
  • Fresh organic/biodynamic breakfast and fresh cold press juices & teas.
  • A Day of Incredible Sailing around the islands of Ibiza & Formentera
    • Meet our fabulous Skipper for a briefing
    • Yoga onboard before sailing
    • Sailing to hidden secret coves around Ibiza and then across to the mystical island of Formentera
  • Biodynamic winery visit to owner and winemaker, Jose at the incredible biodynamic winery, 'Terramoll' in Formentera. Learn about the history of the island, Terramoll's biodynamic winery (no sulphites, no sprays/pesticides/preservatives and produced with the flow of the moon and how these wines are healthier for your body).  
  • Walk through the vineyards
  • Biodynamic lunch in the vineyards
  • Sail back to the North of Ibiza to Benirras for Sunset and Drumming on Benirras Beach
  • Rejuvenating energising facials/massage with Cheryl Gissing 
    • Cheryl Gissing's passion for the healing arts began after she received a dramatic, transformative healing 30 years ago. This changed her life, awakening an intimate relationship with our Divine Source, and opening her mind and heart, as well as a powerful desire to help others connect with this source from within themselves and find true health, balance and wellbeing. Ever since, she has continually developed her skills and knowledge, studying both Eastern and Western medicine traditions. She practices as aromatherapist/bodyworker, Reiki Master, Naked Voice facilitator, sound healer, yoga teacher, and often combines healing modalities in treatments and trainings. Cheryl has taught yoga and trained therapists in fabulous destination spas all over Europe, Asia and America. In this retreat, she will be offering blissful, rejuvenating ayurvedic face and body massage treatments using the amazing organic, high vibrational ila spa products with sound and crystal therapy.
  • Conscious Dance + Manifestation practice and the Vital importance of I.AM. 
  • Delicious evening meal by our exclusive chef
  • Mantras by Candlelight or free time















Day 4

  • Sunrise walk
  • Intention Setting, "AYAM Mantra" + yoga with Catherine
  • Fresh Organic/Biodynamic Breakfast and fresh cold press juices & teas.
  • Free time
  • Conscious Dance workshop with Izzy Fairburn: Learning to Become Present by Letting Go and living in the NOW. In this workshop Izzy will explore the  trapped emotions and how to just be and she will show how our thoughts and limiting belief patterns affect our body. How we can learn to balance ourselves and manage those emotions using yoga/breathwork, Conscious dance, diet and an understanding of where our negative emotions or stress is coming from. We will discover how much we can actually change how we feel in a short time by merely being present, breaking old patterns of being and thinking and using sound healing to learn to LET GO. 
  • Late Morning "Treats"!
  • Goal setting and Visualisation techniques for life, love, business, spirituality, mind​
  • Plant-based delicious lunch in the garden
  • Beach Walk  or Kayaking
  • Delicious evening meal.
  • Chill-out & Chat + rejuvenating facials/massage optional


​€995 per person, including food and accommodation for 4 days/4 nights + retreat/all activities & workshops/day sailing/winery visit + lunch/ Cooking workshop. Reiki & massage and more. Excludes airfare.

Only 16 places available including 1 FREE via our competition

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